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October 2021

Complementary therapy: complement or threat to modern medicine?

Author(s): Holmes, S.

Journal/Book: J R Soc Promot Health. 2000; 120: 38a St, Georges Dr, London SW1V 4BH, England. Royal Soc Of Health. 42-46.

Abstract: Some believe that medicine has lost in holistic perspective as a result of which many people now seek help from 'alternative' practitioners who seem able to da ate time to their patients and listen to their concerns. Such practitioners also treat the whole person' rather than only their symptoms, a feature which seems to be valued by patients. The use of complementary therapies is, therefore, increasing world-wide. This paper explores this increase, questioning whether this truly reflects dissatisfaction with 'traditional' (allopathic) medicine or rather represents an increased satisfaction with 'alternative' therapies. It also investigates the use of such therapies in mainstream medicine revealing considerable variation in attitudes towards and use of such therapies in current medical practice questioning whether this should be seen as a threat to modern medicine or their use may enhance patient well-being and quality of life.

Note: Article Veeramah EK, Canterbury Christ Church Univ Coll, Dept Continuing Care Nursing, Canterbury CT1 1QU, Kent, ENGLAND

Keyword(s): complementary medicine; alternative medicine; patient well-being; patient satisfaction; health care; ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE; PRACTITIONERS

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