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October 2021

Dream clairvoyance study II using dynamic video-clips: Investigation of consensus voting judging procedures and target emotionality

Author(s): Dalton, K., Steinkamp, F., Watt, C.

Journal/Book: Dreaming. 2000; 10: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013-1578, USA. Kluwer Academic-Human Sciences Press. 221-236.

Abstract: This partial replication study investigated whether individual versus small group consensus target judging procedures, and/or the emotionality of dynamic target video clips, would affect the frequency of correct identification of the target in a free-response dream ESP study Two people located in Edinburgh (Scotland) and a third person located in Derby (England) acted both as experimenters and as participants and slept at their respective homes. On each of the 28 trial nights, a randomly-selected video clip was shown repeatedly between 3.00-4.30 am. The following morning the participants viewed four video clips (i.e., 3 decoys plus the target) and then judged the correspondences between the clips and records of their dream mentation. The Edinburgh participants obtained a greater number of direct hits using consensus as opposed to individual judgements. A discussion consensus procedure was marginally more successful than a more objective consensus procedure (12 hits, p = .0294, ES(h) = 0.38 vs. II hits, p = .0679, ES(h) = 0.30). Participants, both as a group and as individuals, obtained a greater proportion of direct hits when the target was emotionally negative than when it was either positive or neutral.

Note: Article Sherwood SJ, Univ Coll Northampton, Div Psychol, Pk Campus, Boughton Green Rd, Northampton NN2 7AL, ENGLAND

Keyword(s): extrasensory perception; parapsychology; emotionality; consensus voting; GEOMAGNETIC-ACTIVITY; GEOPHYSICAL VARIABLES; VIGILANCE THEORY; PSI; ESP; BEHAVIOR

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