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September 2021

International aspects of World Wide Web usability and the role of high-end graphical enhancements

Author(s): Jacko, J. A., Dubach, E. M.

Journal/Book: Int J Human Computer Interact. 2000; 12: 10 Industrial Ave, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2262, USA. Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc Inc. 241-261.

Abstract: Through 2 experiments, we examined both international differences and the effects of high-end graphical enhancements on the perceived usability of World Wide Web (WWW) sites. To accomplish this goal, we recruited Internet users from Switzerland and the United States to explore 1 of 2 versions od: a Web site with the goal of retrieving specific information from the site. The first Web site was a self-contained subset of a large corporate Web site, and the second was a systematically simplified version of the first. After retrieving the required information from the site, participants responded to questions regarding their perception of the Web site's usability and its information presentation. Their responses provided detailed insights into significant differences between WWW users from 2 different cultures with respect to how they perceive the same Web sites. The importance of basic user demographics is documented, and empirical evidence is provided that devalues some high-end graphical enhancements.

Note: Article Sears A, UMBC, Dept Informat Syst, Lab Interact Syst Design, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore,MD 21250 USA

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