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October 2021

The concealed and the revealed: Bioethical issues in Europe at the end of the second millenium

Journal/Book: J Med Phil. 2000; 25: P O Box 825, 2160 Sz Lisse, Netherlands. Swets Zeitlinger Publishers. 123-132.

Abstract: Bioethical debate in Europe is partly a reaction to political endeavors and events. In line with the political goal of a united Europe, a European regulation is being sought for medical research and medical ethics ('Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine'). A certain degree of ambivalence has come to the fore: whilst it does seem possible to reach a consensus (albeit a merely 'diplomatic' consensus) about complicated bioethical issues at an international level when certain controversial matters are excluded or a certain vagueness maintained, new principles are also required at a national level, for example when the medical profession of one state feels obliged to assume a 'local' stance, such as in the sensitive issue of termination of treatment. The individual contributions to this publication, together with various other current fields of bioethical conflict in Europe - especially Germany - are introduced below against a common background, namely that the original dividing line between the concealed and the revealed has shifted.

Note: Article Schmidt KW, St Markus Hosp, Ctr Med Eth, Wilhelm Epstein Str 2, D-60431 Frankfurt, GERMANY

Keyword(s): abortion; Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine; corpse; euthanasia; Principles Concerning Terminal Medical Care; termination of treatment

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