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May 2022

High levels of dopamine activity in the basal ganglia of cigarette smokers

Author(s): Vilkman, H., Ilonen, T., Taiminen, T., Bergman, J., Haaparanta, M., Solin, O., Alanen, A., Syvalahti, E., Hietala, J.

Journal/Book: Amer J Psychiat. 2000; 157: 1400 K St N W, Ste 1101, Washington, DC 20005, USA. Amer Psychiatric Press, Inc. 632-634.

Abstract: Objective: The authors' goal was to study presynaptic dopamine activity in smoking and nonsmoking human subjects in vivo. Method: [F-18]Fluorodopa ([F-18]DOPA) uptake K-i values in the basal ganglia of nine smoking and 10 nonsmoking healthy men were measured with positron emission tomography Results: Significantly higher [F-18]DOPA uptake was observed in both the putamen (average 17.3% higher) and the caudate (average 30.4% higher) of smokers than in those of nonsmokers. Conclusions: Smoking is related to greater dopamine activity in the human basal ganglia. Nicotine-induced dopamine activity may be a relevant mechanism in dependence on cigarette smoking.

Note: Article Salokangas RKR, Univ Turku, Cent Hosp, Dept Psychiat, FIN-20520 Turku, FINLAND


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