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October 2021

Individual religiosity, moral community, and drug user treatment

Author(s): Bell, D. C., Carlson, J. W.

Journal/Book: J Sci Stud Relig. 2000; 39: Brigham Young Univ 875 Swkt, Sociology Dept, Provo, UT 84602, USA. Soc Scientific Study Religion. 240-246.

Abstract: Some scholars have suggested that individual religiosity inhibits deviant behavior: Others have suggested that behavior is more responsive to the influence of religiously-oriented moral communities than to the religiosity of individuals. Still others have suggested that non-religious moral communities, such as sports teams or self-help recovery groups, are just as effective as religious moral communities. The current article examines the associations between addicts' reductions in drug and alcohol use and religiosity, increase in church attendance, and increase in addiction self-help recovery group attendance, following participation irt publicly funded treatment programs. Results indicate that increase in self-help recovery group attendance and church attendance were independently associated with reduction in alcohol use. Only increase in church attendance was significantly associated with reduction in cocaine use. Self-assessed religious conviction was not associated with changes in drug use.

Note: Article Richard AJ, Affiliated Syst Corp, 3104 Edloe, Suite 330, Houston,TX 77027 USA


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