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December 2021

Preverbal communicative competence: An essential step in the lives of infants with severe physical impairment

Journal/Book: Infant Young Children. 2000; 13: 7201 Mckinney Circle, Frederick, MD 21704, USA. Aspen Publ Inc. 49-59.

Abstract: Components important for achieving preverbal communicative competence in children who are developing typically are described to understand their significance as they relate to children with severe physical impairment (SPI). Specifically, eye gaze, attention, and gesture are described as they relate to reciprocity, consistency, and predictability of infant-caregiver interactions. Because of a limited number of studies related to children with SPI, inferences are drawn from research with children who are developing typically. These inferences are used to suggest intervention strategies that could be used by practitioners and caregivers to facilitate optimal communication and cognitive growth for infants with SPI.

Note: Article Reinhartsen DB, Univ N Carolina, Clin Ctr Study Dev & Learning, Chapel Hill,NC 27514 USA

Keyword(s): prelinguistic communicative competence; intentionality; severe physical impairment; attention; reciprocity; eye gaze; consistency; predictability; gesture; MOTHER-INFANT; DISABILITIES; ATTENTION; BEHAVIOR; CHILDREN; GESTURE; ACTS

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