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September 2021

To have a culture of our own: on Israeliness and its variants

Journal/Book: Ethn Racial Stud. 2000; 23: 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4Ee, England. Routledge. 223-247.

Abstract: Hebrewism, Globalized Israeliness and Mizrakhiut are examined as three major variants of Israeliness that struggle between them over dominance in the Israeli field of national culture. By discussing typical styles of literature and popular music associated with each variant, it is demonstrated how each is committed, albeit in a different way, to the belief in the idea of 'one nation - one culture', and to the construction of one, unique 'Israeli Culture'. Israel serves as a case to support a general argument about contemporary national cultures being a 'Bourdieusian' field in which invented tradition, global culture and sub-national/'ethnic' culture are the major types of positions, struggling between them to define the dominant national cultural capital.

Note: Article Regev M, Open Univ Israel, Dept Polit Sci Sociol & Commun, 16 Klausner St, POB 39328, IL-61392 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Keyword(s): Israel; national culture; literature; popular music; WORLD

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