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March 2023

Keep the solution, broaden the problem: Commentary on ''knowledge, self-regulation, and the brain-mind cycle of reflection''

Journal/Book: J Mind Behav. 2000; 21: PO Box 522 Village Station, New York, NY 10014, USA. Inst Mind Behavior Inc. 89-95.

Abstract: In response to Iran-Nejad's (2000) article (''Knowledge, Self-Regulation, and the Brain-Mind Cycle of Reflection''), I urge him to consider broadening the problem as he defines it. The difficulty psychologists face in reconciling the conscious process of symbol manipulation with the unconscious process of coming to understand is part of a larger problem, I argue: that of body versus mind, perception versus conception. I examine the advantages of recasting Iran-Nejad's problem in this way. High on the list is the fact that the suggested approach connects his work to earlier ground-breaking work by Charles Sanders Peirce and John Dewey.

Note: Editorial Prawat RS, Michigan State Univ, Dept Counseling Educ Psychol & Special Educ, 449 Erickson Hall, E Lansing,MI 48824 USA

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