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December 2022

Helping to curb youth violence: The APA-MTV ''Warning Signs'' initiative

Author(s): Newman, R.

Journal/Book: Prof Psychol Res Pract. 2000; 31: 750 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242, USA. Amer Psychological Assoc. 509-514.

Abstract: This article describes how the joint American Psychological Association (APA)-Music Television ''Warning Signs'' initiative evolved, its nationwide impact, and the history of APA's 4-year ''Talk to Someone Who Can Help'' effort that provided the basis for it. ''Warning Signs,'' aimed at helping the nation's youth to identify the warning signs of violent behavior and to recognize the need to seek professional help, has brought new levels of visibility to APA's public education campaign. It has greatly energized and mobilized psychologists nationwide for expanded practitioner involvement at both the national and community levels. Not only has the project responded to the call for national prevention efforts to curb youth violence, but it also has served as an effective medium for educating youth, adults, and their communities about the value of psychology.

Note: Article Peterson JL, Amer Psychol Assoc, Practice Publ Relat & Commun Directorate, 750 1st St NE, Washington,DC 20002 USA

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