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October 2021

Native evangelism in Central Mexico

Journal/Book: Ethnology. 2000; 39: Dept Anthropology, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA. Univ Pittsburgh. 39-54.

Abstract: As part of ongoing research on Protestant evangelism in Central Mexico, this article focuses on two native evangelical congregations in the Cordoba-Orizaba region in the state of Veracruz: one of very recent inception, the other founded five decades ago. The aim of the presentation is threefold: 1) to describe the doctrinal configuration and organization of the congregation; 2) to ascertain their evangelical lineage and modifications; and 3) to compare them with respect to motivation for and modes of conversion. This exercise should illuminate a religious tide that is not well understood, and appears bound to spread under the increasing proselytism of Protestant evangelism in most countries of Latin America.

Note: Article Nutini HG, Univ Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,PA 15260 USA

Keyword(s): Protestantism; Catholicism; Protestant Evangelism; Central Mexico; Latin America; conversion; catechization

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