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September 2021

The Observer Video-Pro: New software for the collection, management, and presentation of time-structured data from videotapes and digital media files

Author(s): Trienes, R. J. H., Hendriksen, A. H. M., Jansen, H., Jansen, R. G.

Journal/Book: Behav Res Method Instrum Comp. 2000; 32: 1710 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX 78704, USA. Psychonomic Soc Inc. 197-206.

Abstract: The Observer Video-Pro is a system for collecting, managing, analyzing, and presenting observational data It integrates The Observer software with time code and multimedia hardware components. It extends the functionality of a conventional real-time event recording program in various ways. Observational data can be collected, reviewed, and edited with synchronized display of the corresponding video images. For optimal visual feedback during coding, one can display the video image in a window on the computer screen. Video playback from either a VCR or a digital media file can be controlled by the computer, allowing software-controlled jog, shuttle, and search functions. Besides a wide range of VCRs, The Observer Video-Pro supports all major digital video file formats. The software allows the user to summarize research findings in numerical, graphical, or multimedia format. One can create a time-event plot for a quick glance at the temporal structure of the observed process, or run specific analysis procedures and generate reports with statistics. An Event Summary function is available for exploratory and qualitative analysis. Video material can be summarized in a Video Play List, which allows on-screen summary presentations or the creation of highlight compilations on tape, CD, or other media. Video images can be captured and saved as disk files, for use as illustrations in documents, slides for presentations, and so forth. In this paper we describe the design and operation of the system, illustrated with a case study from research on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Note: Article Noldus LPJJ, Noldus Informat Technol BV, POB 268, NL-6700 AG Wageningen, NETHERLANDS


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