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September 2021

Group selection, morality, and environmental problems

Journal/Book: J Conscious Stud. 2000; 7: PO Box 1, Thorverton Ex5 5Yx, England. Imprint Academic. 225-227.

Abstract: As various kinds of resources become scarce within the context of today's population, consumption, and environmental problems, conflicts of interest will become more evident, competition become more intense, and certain kinds of 'unwanted' behavioural strategies might have a tendency to emerge and be used by a growing number of individuals. In such situations, humans may activate group adaptations. If we have group adaptations, like a tendency to classify humans into in-groups and out-groups and to develop moralities favouring one's in-group(s), it may be problematic to extend our morality outside our own group, I specially in environmental situations where resources become scarce. For such reasons, Unto Others touches upon important topics which cannot be ignored. It is crucial to focus on the conditions under which it will be possible to develop a morality for all humans.

Note: Article Mysterud I, Univ Oslo, Dept Biol, POB 1050, N-0316 Oslo, NORWAY

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