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May 2022

Music therapy with a group of schizotypal and schizophrenic patients

Author(s): Roesen, Anette, Raben. , Hans

Journal/Book: Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. 2000; 9:

Abstract: The article focuses on a qualitative music psychotherapy research project, concerning 9 patients who participated in a group therapy setting for 6 months. The aim is to describe the effect of music therapy on the patients' level of functioning and the patients' own evaluation of the music therapy. The data is evaluated from the GAF scale, a self-administered questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The music therapy model used is a receptive approach using music and imagery. The model used is based on patients experiences during selected, primary classical music, specially designed to an inpatient setting. The patients report their experiences to the group after the music intervention and the material is used as a part of the therapy process. Verbal guiding from the therapist, to help the patients to focus, supports the music listening. As results the GAF investigation shows positive effect of 7,2% in a meridian score, and the interview and questionnaires points out which part of the therapy the patients found was most helpful. The study indicates that the music therapy group was a good support for the patients, and the promising results suggest more investigations and empirical studies in this area. The patients benefited from the structured form, and they found the music part of the therapy helpful, both emotionally and structurally. It can be concluded that even the study only includes a small number of participants the music therapy method described here as modified GIM, could be a suitable treatment for schizotypical and schizophrenic patients in long term therapy, with careful selection of musical pieces. The patients' own comments about the music therapy group show that almost all were satisfied with the therapy and felt themselves supported. This was also evident in a decidedly stable attendance of 98 %.

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