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December 2021

Emotions in solution-focused therapy: A re-examination

Author(s): deShazer, S.

Journal/Book: Fam Process. 2000; 39: PO Box 23980, Rochester, NY 14692-3980, USA. Family Process Inc. 5-23.

Abstract: This article re-examines whether and how emotions are an aspect of solution-focused therapy. A major theme in the article focuses on the usual ways that therapists define and discuss emotions in solution-focused and other therapies. We argue that these discussions are a source of much confusion about emotions and about solution-focused therapy, including the confusing idea that emotions are neglected in solution-focused therapy. The second major theme describes an alternative approach to these issues, one that we believe better fits with the assumptions and concerns of solution-focused therapy. The approach is based on Wittgenstein's writings about language games, private experience, and how emotions are rule-following activities. Viewed from this perspective, solution-focused therapists take account of their clients' emotions by helping clients to create new emotion rules to follow.

Note: Article Miller G, Marquette Univ, Dept Social & Cultural Sci, POB 1881, Milwaukee,WI 53201 USA


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