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October 2021

Family therapy and alternative medicine: Acupuncture as a case in point

Journal/Book: Contemp Fam Ther. 2000; 22: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013-1578, USA. Kluwer Academic-Human Sciences Press. 3-18.

Abstract: Collaboration between family therapists and alternative medicine practitioners is recently cultivated ground that may prove to be fertile territory for the application of family therapy skills. Acupuncture and family therapy are two healing practices that differ in cultural tradition, language, and technique, yet they appear to share some underlying assumptions suggestive of a natural alliance in helping people with a variety of biopsychosociospiritual problems. This paper describes the process of interdisciplinary collaboration between an acupuncturist and family therapist via a clinical vignette, identifying different types of referral situations, and suggesting factors of effective collaboration that can synergistically enhance a patient and family's treatment.

Note: Article Meyerstein I, 2 Ivory Crest Court, Baltimore,MD 21209 USA

Keyword(s): acupuncture; bipsychosociospiritual; alternative medicine; interdisciplinary collaboration; family therapy; TRIAL

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