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October 2021

Violence in schools - analysis and prevention

Author(s): Darge, K.

Journal/Book: Prax Kinderpsychol Kinderpsyc. 2000; 49: Theaterstrasse 13, , D-37073 Gottingen, Germany. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. 16-35.

Abstract: The ''Forschungsgruppe Schulevaluation'' (Research Group for School Evaluation, Technical University of Dresden) conducted several empirical investigations which led to rich knowledge concerning the amount of violence in schools, the different forms of violence, roles that actors of and sufferers from violent action play and the causes for violence. Besides the wellknown socialisatory influence of families, media consumption and peers for the formation of violent behaviour of pupils and of behaviour that has an affinity to violence a causal influence of schools was detected. Questions concerning the prevention of violence, the conducting of pilot studies on the latter point in one single school as well as the evaluation of the preventory measures taken were important points in our work. In the present study we will present the most important empirical results and our experience with the prevention of violence.

Note: Review Melzer W, Tech Univ Dresden, Forsch Grp Schulevaluat, D-01062 Dresden, GERMANY

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