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December 2021

Cross-modal interaction between vision and touch: the role of synesthetic correspondence

Author(s): Marks, L. E.

Journal/Book: Perception. 2000; 29: 207 Brondesbury Park, London NW2 5Jn, England. Pion Ltd. 745-754.

Abstract: At each moment, we experience a melange of information arriving at several senses, and often we focus on inputs from one modality and 'reject' inputs from another. Does input from a rejected sensory modality modulate one's ability to make decisions about information from a selected one? When the modalities are vision and hearing, the answer is ''yes': suggesting that vision and hearing interact. In the present study, we asked whether similar interactions characterize vision and touch. As with vision and hearing, results obtained in a selective attention task show cross-modal interactions between vision and touch that depend on the synesthetic relationship between the stimulus combinations. These results imply that similar mechanisms may govern cross-modal interactions across sensory modalities.

Note: Article Martino G, John B Pierce Fdn Lab, 290 Congress Ave, New Haven,CT 06519 USA

Keyword(s): DIMENSIONS

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