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October 2021

Effects of test administration order on children's neuropsychological performance: Emerging one-word expressive and receptive language skills

Author(s): Sines, M. C., Rozelle, J. C., Turcich, M. R., Casatta, A.

Journal/Book: Clin Neuropsychol. 2000; 14: P O Box 825, 2160 Sz Lisse, Netherlands. Swets Zeitlinger Publishers. 162-172.

Abstract: Differences in neuropsychological performance associated with specific test presentation sequences have been reported in adults. However, these effects have received little attention in children. The EOWPVT-R, a measure of one-word expressive language, and the PPVT-R, a measure of receptive language, were administered to 6- to 14-year-olds (control [n = 17] and experimental [n = 22] groups) in a counterbalanced fashion to investigate the potential effects of test presentation sequence on neuropsychological performance. Group findings were not evidenced subsequent to variation in test administration sequence. In contrast, order of test presentation revealed differences in performance. Administration of the PPVT-R prior to the EOWPVT-R resulted in enhanced EOWPVT-R expressive language scores in both groups of participants. Presentation of the PPVT-R after the EOWPVT-R did not affect performance. Applied and theoretical implications associated with these findings are discussed.

Note: Article Llorente AM, Texas Childrens Hosp, 6621 Fannin St, MC 3-2335, Houston,TX 77030 USA


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