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October 2021

Psychiatric complications following cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) implantation

Author(s): Schneider, F.

Journal/Book: Psychiat Prax. 2000; 27: Rudigerstr 14, D-70469 Stuttgart, Germany. Georg Thieme Verlag. 301-303.

Abstract: The growing number of ICD patients diagnosed with malignant arrhythmias are often exposed to severe psychosocial stressors. In a number of cases, these stressors could lead to anxiety and depression. Although emotional stressors may be a major contributing factor in malignant arrhythmia, it is unfortunate that these symptoms are largely ignored, Therefore, additional psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment services for the prevention of sudden cardiac death seem advisable in certain cases.

Note: Article Kornischka J, Univ Dusseldorf, Rhein Kliniken Dusseldorf, Psychiat Klin, Berg Landstr 2, D-40629 Dusseldorf, GERMANY


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