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October 2021

Schizophrenia: Recovery and hope

Journal/Book: Psychiatr Rehabil J. 2000; 24: Boston Univ, 930 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215, USA. Center Psychiatric Rehabilitation. 29-37.

Abstract: The concept of schizophrenia as a chronic deteriorating disease is examined from historical and nosological perspectives. Diagnostic systems as exemplified in the series of APA manuals DSM-I through DSM-IV which simply define schizophrenia as a chronic disease with a poor outcome, are seen as examples of circular reasoning. Mounting evidence of recovery rates in excess of 50% is noted from longitudinal studies, and this new paradigm of core schizophrenia as a prolonged illness with an ameliorating course is explored. The role of mental health personnel in extended family roles and as employment advocates for people with psychiatric disabilities is examined.

Note: Article Kruger A, Box 417, 2570 Hemlock St, Vancouver, BC V6H 2V2, CANADA

Keyword(s): CHRONICITY

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