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December 2021

Control of cognition and action

Journal/Book: Z Psychol. 2000; 208: Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Germany. Johann Ambrosius Barth Verlag. 1-31.

Abstract: Major research efforts of German Psychology at the beginning of the 20th century focussed on the control of cognition. The most relevant empirical and theoretical analyses were published by Muller and Pilzecker (1900), Ach (1905) and Selz (1913). Association and perseveration (Muller, 1913), determining tendencies (Ach, 1905) and schematic anticipation (Selz, 1913) were discussed as possible mechanisms for the control of cognition. At the end of the century this question gained again considerable attention. New frameworks for action control refer explicitly to Ach (1905). The function of intentions for action control is emphasized (Prinz, 1998). Important issues among others refer to the relation between automatic and controlled processing in action control, and to the sources of interference. These research questions are related to the actual experimental research on executive functions.

Note: Article Kluwe RH, Univ Bundeswehr, Inst Kognit Forsch, Holstenhofweg 85, D-22043 Berlin, GERMANY

Keyword(s): thinking; action control; intention; automatic and controlled processes; executive control; TASK-PERFORMANCE; INFORMATION; MIND

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