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December 2021

A comparison of different time series techniques to analyze phasic coupling: A case study of cardiac and electrodermal activity

Author(s): Ravaja, N.

Journal/Book: Psychophysiology. 2000; 37: 40 West 20Th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, USA. Cambridge Univ Press. 395-408.

Abstract: This study examined the efficiency of different time series analysis techniques to extract information on the coupling of spontaneous phasic physiological responses. We compared four bivariate approaches, cross-spectral, cross covariance, cross-covariance with prewhitening, and dynamic factor analysis, in their ability to yield unbiased estimates of (a) shared variance, (b) covariance, (c) strength of relationship, and (d) interchannel time-lag in empirical and simulated interbeat interval-electrodermal activity (IBI-EDA) time series. All methods produced similar estimates of the grand-averaged IBI-EDA dynamics, but only the measures of covariance produced reliable and unbiased estimates of the interindividual distribution of IBI-EDA coupling. We conclude that the extraction of phasic response patterns during continuous and unrestricted experimental situations may considerably facilitate psychophysiological research.

Note: Article Kettunen J, Res Inst Olymp Sports, Rantpohjankatn 6, FIN-40700 Jyruskyla, FINLAND

Keyword(s): autonomic nervous system; cardiac; coupling; electrodermal; methodology; time series analysis; HEART-RATE-VARIABILITY; SPECTRAL-ANALYSIS; SKIN-CONDUCTANCE; SYNCHRONIZATION; RESPONSES; PATTERNS; AROUSAL; STRESS; MODELS; STATE

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