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August 2021

Recall as a function of single versus multiple trials: Implications for rehabilitation

Author(s): Vieth, A. Z., Johnson, J. C., Shaw, J. A.

Journal/Book: Rehabil Psychol. 2000; 45: 536 Broadway, New York, NY 10010-3955, USA. Springer Publ Co. 3-19.

Abstract: Objective: To empirically demonstrate that recall based on multiple presentations of material (i.e., ''learning'') is statistically distinct from recall based on singular presentations of material (i.e., ''memory''). Participants: Two hundred ninety-one individuals referred to an outpatient neuropsychology laboratory, including 199 with a primary diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, 13 who experienced a cerebral vascular accident, 3 with progressive dementia, and 76 with an unknown etiology. Main Outcome Measures: Raw-standard scores from the Wechsler Memory Scale-Revised Logical Memory and Visual Reproduction subtests, the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT), the Tactual Performance Test (TPT), the Category Test, and indices of ''learning'' based on difference scores: RAVLT Trial 5 minus Trial 1; TPT Trial 3 minus Trial 1. Results: A promax factor analysis of 291 participants with cognitive dysfunction revealed a 4-factor solution (verbal memory, spatial memory, verbal learning, and tactile-motor learning), supporting the distinction between learning and memory constructs. Conclusions: Recall based on multiple presentations of information should be evaluated to provide the most functionally relevant assessments.

Note: Article Johnstone B, Univ Missouri, Dept Phys Med & Rehabil, Sch Med, Rusk Rehabil Ctr DC046-00, 1 Hosp Dr, Columbia,MO 65212 USA


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