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October 2021

Alexandria digital library: User evaluation studies and system design

Author(s): Carver, L., Larsgaard, M., Dolin, R., Smith, T. R., Frew, J., Rae, M. A.

Journal/Book: J Amer Soc Inform Sci. 2000; 51: 605 Third Ave, New York, NY 10158-0012, USA. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 246-259.

Abstract: The Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) is one of the six digital library projects funded by NSF, DARPA, and NASA. ADL's collection and services focus on information containing georeferences: maps, images, data sets, text, and other information sources with links to geographic locations. During this study period, three different user interfaces were developed and tested by user groups. User feedback was collected through various formal and informal approaches and the results fed back into the design and implementation cycle. This article describes the evolution of the ADL system and the effect of user evaluation on that evolution. ADL is an ongoing project; user feedback and evaluation plans for the remainder of the project are described.

Note: Article Hill LL, Univ Calif Santa Barbara, Alexandria Digital Lib Project, Santa Barbara,CA 93106 USA

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