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September 2021

Neurocognitive deficits and functional outcome in schizophrenia: Are we measuring the ''right stuff''?

Author(s): Kern, R. S., Braff, D. L., Mintz, J.

Journal/Book: Schizophrenia Bull. 2000; 26: Superintendent Documents, , Washington, DC 20402-9325, USA. Us Government Printing Office. 119-136.

Abstract: There has been a surge of interest in the functional consequences of neurocognitive deficits in schizophrenia. The published literature in this area has doubled in the last few years. In this paper, we will attempt to confirm the conclusions from a previous review that certain neurocognitive domains (secondary verbal memory, immediate memory, executive functioning as measured by card sorting, and vigilance) are associated with functional outcome. In addition to surveying the number of replicated findings and tallying box scores of results, me will approach the review of the studies in a more thorough and empirical manner by applying a meta-analysis. Lastly, we mill discuss what we see as a key limitation of this literature, specifically, the relatively narrow selection of predictor measures. This limitation has constrained identification of mediating variables that may explain the mechanisms for these relationships.

Note: Article Green MF, Univ Calif Los Angeles, Inst Neuropsychiat, 760 Westwood Plaza, C9-420, Los Angeles,CA 90024 USA

Keyword(s): schizophrenia; neurocognition; functional outcome; social cognition; learning potential; CARD SORTING TEST; COGNITIVE DEFICITS; SOCIAL SKILLS; PREDICTORS; DYSFUNCTION; PERFORMANCE; SYMPTOMS; SYMPTOMATOLOGY; OUTPATIENTS; PERCEPTION

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