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November 2021

Benefits of music therapy as an adjunct to chest physiotherapy in infants and toddlers with cystic fibrosis [In Process Citation]

Author(s): Button, B. M., Allison, D. J., Sawyer, S. M.

Journal/Book: Pediatr Pulmonol. 2000; 29: 371-81.

Abstract: Routine chest physiotherapy (CPT) is an important component of prophylactic therapy in children with cystic fibrosis (CF) and requires a significant commitment of time and energy. It is important, therefore, to establish CPT as a positive experience. In this study, we evaluated the effect of recorded music as an adjunct to CPT. Specifically, we compared the use of newly composed music, familiar music, and the family's usual routine on children's and parents' enjoyment of CPT and the parents' perception of time taken to complete CPT. Enjoyment and perception of time were evaluated via questionnaires designed specifically for this study. Participants were caregivers of one or more children with CF who were aged between 4(1/2) months and 24 months at the commencement of the clinical trial and required CPT on a daily basis. Participants were randomly allocated into control and treatment groups. Control group participants experienced two conditions consecutively: no audiotape (NT; control) and familiar music tape (FT; placebo control). Treatment group participants were given the treatment music tape (TT), which was composed and compiled by a music therapist. After baseline assessment, evaluation occurred at two 6-weekly intervals. Children's enjoyment increased significantly after use of the TT (+1. 25 units) compared to NT (-0.5 units; P = 0.03), as did parents' enjoyment (+1.0 vs. 0.0 units, P = 0.02). Children's enjoyment did not change significantly after use of the FT (+0.75 units) compared to NT (n.s.). Likewise, parents' enjoyment did not change significantly after use of the FT (+1.0 units, n.s.). There was no change in perception of time after use of the TT (-4.5 vs. +0.2 min, n.s.) or the FT (+3.3 min, n.s.). These results indicate that children's and parents' enjoyment of CPT significantly increased after the use of specifically composed and recorded music as an adjunct. We therefore recommend that recorded music, such as that provided in this study, be given to parents to use as an adjunct to CPT when their young children are diagnosed with CF, in order to assist the establishment of a positive routine.

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