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December 2021

Narrative and counternarrative in print-mediated coverage of Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee

Author(s): Sullivan, P. A.

Journal/Book: Quart J Speech. 2000; 86: 5105 Backlick Rd, Annandale, VA 22003, USA. Speech Communication Assn. 215-231.

Abstract: This essay mounts a counternarrative to address the mainstream print-mediated coverage of Milwaukee alderman Michael McGee. In analyzing racialized discourse in Milwaukee, the essay highlights the importance of focusing on rhetoric marginalized in or outside of the public sphere. A clash in rhetorical style can subvert the substance of public discourse with deleterious social consequences. We contend that a true dialogue on race relations will not occur until whites assume the responsibility for engaging in and sustaining this dialogue. The essay also establishes a rationale for why it is critically important to the discipline and to our respective communities to focus on local discourse and discursive communities. Finally, we offer a number of suggestions concerning rhetorical critical practices and the roles that critics can play in bringing about social change.

Note: Article Goldzwig SR, Marquette Univ, Dept Commun Studies, Milwaukee,WI 53233 USA

Keyword(s): narrative; counternarrative; racialized discourse; post colonialism; local communities; PUBLIC SPHERE; NEWS; RACE; TELEVISION; DISCOURSE

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