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September 2021

The creation process of Brazilian musicians

Author(s): Rodrigues, M. A. M., Viana, M. C. A., Cerqueira, T. C. S.

Journal/Book: J Creative Behav. 2000; 34: 1050 Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224, USA. Creative Education Foundation Inc. 61-75.

Abstract: This study investigated the creative process of well-known musicians in Brasilia, Brazil and the conditions that facilitated the development of their creative abilities. A sample of 14 professional musicians (11 composers and 3 performers) participated in semi-structured interviews to discuss the following topics: musical formation, dedicating time to music, working conditions, creativity in music, the creative process, and the importance of music in their lives. The results indicated that the majority of the musicians view creativity as a complex process supported by many factors, especially the environment. Four stages of the creative process were described by these musicians: process triggering, preparation, product elaboration, and product validation.

Note: Article Fleith DD, Univ Brasilia, Inst Psicol, BR-70910900 Brasilia, DF, BRAZIL

Keyword(s): EDUCATION

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