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December 2021

The mind-body problem as seen by students of different disciplines

Author(s): Cheetham, M.

Journal/Book: J Conscious Stud. 2000; 7: PO Box 1, Thorverton Ex5 5Yx, England. Imprint Academic. 47-59.

Abstract: The mind-body problem is a continuing issue in philosophy. No surveys known to us have been conducted about the actual preferences of, for example, psychology students for particular preconceptions about the mind-body relation. These preconceptions may have different practical implications for decisions concerning the object and method of research, the choice of explanatory device for psychological and other research data and for the approach of professionals in practice. A questionnaire comprising ten different preconceptions about the mind-body relation and other items was returned by 209 German students of various disciplines (including psychology) and by a second sample of 233 first year psychology students. Identity theory, interactionism and complementarity were preferred most. The students clearly believed that the preference for certain preconceptions has important practical implications. There were no differences between the students of different disciplines in the choice of preferred preconceptions about the mind-body relation or in the view that these preconceptions are of practical importance.

Note: Article Fahrenberg J, Univ Freiburg, Forsch Grp Psychophysiol, Inst Psychol, Belfortstr 20, D-79085 Freiburg, GERMANY

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