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October 2021

Modelling in art therapy - A sculpture project at a psychiatric hospital

Author(s): vanderLee, T., Greil, W.

Journal/Book: Psychiat Prax. 2000; 27: P O Box 30 11 20, D-70451 Stuttgart, Germany. Georg Thieme Verlag. 35-39.

Abstract: Therapeutic modelling has found little attention in the literature. For the first time, the present article reports about sculptural work in psychiatric art therapy. Since 1994 the Psychiatric Hospital Kilchberg/Zurich is carrying out a sculpture project, in which about 30 patients work with sand- or limestone for 21/2, hours daily, cared for by eight therapists and protected by detailed safety regulations. At the beginning and the end of each afternoon the patients stand in a circle to communicate inner mood and ideas about the work. An exposition at the end of the project gives the opportunity to demonstrate the sculptures to family, friends and clinical staff. Until now there have been only positive experiences, which speak in favour of a wider use of sculpture in psychiatric art therapy. Sculptural work stimulates the vitality of the patients, who are challenged to use their willpower adaptedly and rhythmically. Especially on patients with autodestructive tendencies sculptural work seems to exert a beneficial influence.

Note: Article Erazo N, Psychiat Privatklin Sanatorium Kilchberg, Alte Landstr 70-84, CH-8802 Kilchberg Zurich, SWITZERLAND

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