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July 2022

Also against methodolatry: A reply to Reicher

Author(s): Fischer, C. T., Rennie, D. L.

Journal/Book: Brit J Clin Psychol. 2000; 39: St Andrews House, 48 Princess Rd East, Leicester Le1 7Dr, Leics, England. British Psychological Soc. 7-10.

Abstract: The development and publication of proposed guidelines for qualitative research (Elliott, Fischer, & Rennie, 1999) is a politically fraught process. We support Reicher's (2000) basic position, that postmodernist critical discourse analysis a la Potter and Wetherell (1987) should develop its own standards of good practice. However, we take exception to Reicher's caricature of phenomenological hermeneutic research approaches as philosophically naive, and with his grouping of them with positivist quantitative/experimental methods. We contend that he based his response on prior assumptions which in fact do not pertain to our article or our own work as qualitative: researchers. In our response, we correct the mis-characterization and aim to encourage all invoiced to keep communication channels open.

Note: Editorial Elliott R, Univ Toledo, Dept Psychol, Toledo,OH 43606 USA


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