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January 2022

Resource use in women completing treatment for breast cancer

Author(s): Remmer, J., Rosberger, Z., Fournier, M. A.

Journal/Book: Psycho Oncol. 2000; 9: Baffins Lane Chichester, W Sussex PO19 1UD, England. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. 428-438.

Abstract: Objective: To explore resources used by women completing treatment for breast cancer, how they learned about them, and the psychological factors that predicted their use. Designs A questionnaire on resource use was administered as part of a randomized clinical trial which assessed subjects' psychosocial characteristics and tested the outcomes of a psychosocial intervention. Setting: Women completing treatment for breast cancer were recruited from the oncology departments of three university-teaching hospitals in Montreal. A questionnaire gathered data on the resources used by the subjects, how they learned about them, and the role of the health care team in their decision-making. Emotional distress, dimensions of coping effort, a sense of control and optimism were also measured. Results: Five categories of resources were explored; professional services, informal support networks, informational resources, support organizations and complementary therapies. Most women found out about the last two resources by themselves. Women who used cancer support organizations or complementary therapies scored high on the use of problem-solving coping and low on the use of escape/avoidance coping. In addition they were moderately optimistic, had a slightly lower sense of personal control and were somewhat more distressed than the non-users. The use of support organizations and complementary therapies appears to represent a thoughtful approach to dealing with the distress of cancer. The opinion of the oncologist regarding resource use was valued by nearly half of the sample.

Note: Article Edgar L, Ave Baron Huart 265, B-1950 Kraainem, BELGIUM


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