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September 2021

Multimedia design: the effects of relating multimodal information

Author(s): Vial, I.

Journal/Book: J Comput Assist Learn. 2000; 16: P O Box 88, Osney Mead, Oxford Ox2 0NE, Oxon, England. Blackwell Science Ltd. 157-165.

Abstract: Few models describe learner behaviour during the simultaneous processing of several types of information, yet this is the defining characteristic of the use of multimedia tools, which bring together media in different informational formats (fixed or moving images, sound, text). Following studies in cognitive psychology concerning the increase in the ability to form mental images of words, this study was aimed at defining how different multimedia presentation modes affect the learning of foreign language vocabulary (Russian). A statistically significant effect was observed on word memorisation in the different information presentation modes, suggesting better processing when there is co-referencing of the different sources, especially when the encoding and tests modes are the same. In addition to these experimental results, some principles for the design of multimodal learning tools are discussed.

Note: Article Dubois M, Univ Pierre Mendes France, ERIHST, Lab Psychol Sociale, Batiment Sci Humaines & Math, BP 47, F-38040 Grenoble 9, FRANCE

Keyword(s): cognitive load; experiment, language learning; multimedia, process; Russian; undergraduate; WORKING-MEMORY; COGNITIVE LOAD; KEYWORD METHOD; COMPREHENSION; VOCABULARY; PICTURES; IMAGERY; WORDS

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