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October 2021

Legitimating drug use: A note on the impact of gang membership and drug sales on the use of illicit drugs

Journal/Book: Justice Q. 2000; 17: 1500 North Beauregard St, Ste 101, Alexandria, VA 22311, USA. Acad Criminal Justice Sciences. 393-410.

Abstract: A good deal is known about gang members' involvement as sellers of drugs. We know little, however, about the extent to which gang members are involved in the drug market as users, and about the role that involvement in drug sales plays in the use of drugs. This paper presents data from an 11-city survey of arrestees that includes a substantial number of gang members, to explore the relationship between demographic characteristics such as age and race, gang membership, drug sales, and drug use. In addition, the gang members views' regarding drug use by their associates are explored. The contrast between the drug-using behavior and norms designed to control such behavior is examined in the group context of adolescent gang membership.

Note: Article Decker SH, Univ Missouri, St Louis,MO 63121 USA


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