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October 2021

Disability studies as ethnographic research and text: research strategies and roles for promoting social change?

Journal/Book: Disabil Soc. 2000; 15: Rankine Rd, Basingstoke Rg24 8Pr, Hants, England. Carfax Publishing. 191-206.

Abstract: This paper problematises the notion of research production within disability studies by comparing literature oil emancipatory research with concepts of reflexivity, authority and empowerment employed within ethnographic research. It critically examines a number of proposals within disability studies on how researchers can stimulate or contribute to processes which improve their respondents life conditions. A variety of strategies for change are discussed within the context of how ethnographers do fieldwork, and write up and disseminate their findings. This discussion also questions the role of the researcher and respondent as 'expert', suggesting that ethnographers should not privilege their own perspectives over that of respondents. It is concluded that the variety of research strategies and roles outlined in this paper need not be mutually exclusive and therefore, that there are a number of different yet complementary ways, in which researchers call contribute to the conditions within which self-emancipation flourishes.

Note: Article Davis JM, Univ Edinburgh, Res Unit Hlth & Behav Change, Sch Med, Teviot Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AG, Midlothian, SCOTLAND

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