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October 2021

Dichotic listening in college students who report auditory hallucinations

Author(s): Posey, T. B.

Journal/Book: J Abnormal Psychol. 2000; 109: 750 First St NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242, USA. Amer Psychological Assoc. 546-549.

Abstract: College students were placed in 2 groups, hallucinators and nonhallucinators, on the basis of their responses to a verbal hallucinations questionnaire. Both groups were given a consonant-vowel version of a Dichotic Listening Test under 3 conditions: nonforced, forced-right, and forced-left. When hallucinators were instructed to attend to the left ear stimuli (forced-left condition), they had fewer correct responses to right ear syllables than did nonhallucinators. This resulted in a left ear advantage for hallucinators. When nonhallucinators were instructed to attend to the left ear, they maintained a right ear advantage. Results suggest that auditory hallucinations in college students are associated with differences in hemispheric functioning.

Note: Article Posey TB, Murray State Univ, Dept Psychol, POB 9, Murray,KY 42071 USA


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