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September 2021

Design and use of a hypermedia system at the University level

Author(s): Gurtner, J. L., Coen, P. F.

Journal/Book: J Comput Assist Learn. 2000; 16: P O Box 88, Osney Mead, Oxford Ox2 0NE, Oxon, England. Blackwell Science Ltd. 137-147.

Abstract: This paper reports on an experiment in which a whole semester course in psychology was replaced by a mixed formula consisting of a CD-ROM complemented by a series of seminars and workshops. The CDROM was conceived as a collection of documents (hypertexts, research data, references, videos and activities) linked together with genuine Netscape facilities. Students were invited to search through these documents for information to answer questions (called challenges) on the topic. A multiple-choice questionnaire accompanied each challenge in order to foster students' self-evaluation. The seminars, held every other week, served both as forums to discuss each of the topics under the guidance of an expert,. Careful analysis of students' answers to two questionnaires at the beginning and end of the course and during interviews, showed that such a formula was favourably accepted by a large majority of students, although it lead to more anxiety and work load than a traditional course. Positive effects were also observed on learning.

Note: Article Collaud G, Univ Fribourg, Ctr NTE, Rue Faucigny 2, CH-1700 Fribourg, SWITZERLAND

Keyword(s): CD-ROM; hypermedia; problem solving; psychology; undergraduate; illuminative evaluation

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