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September 2021

The course of Tourette's disorder: A literature review

Author(s): Biederman, J., Geller, D. A., Spencer, T., Park, K. S., Shapiro, S. J., Garfield, S. B.

Journal/Book: Harvard Rev Psychiatr. 2000; 8: 11830 Westline Industrial Dr, St Louis, MO 63146-3318, USA. Mosby, Inc. 192-198.

Abstract: With the goal of evaluating the available literature on the course of Tourette's disorder, we conducted a systematic literature search through electronic databases for pertinent scientific articles in English with a minimum of 20 subjects. We also examined bibliographies of papers identified in this manner for additional sources. We found only 16 articles; most consisted of retrospective reports on treated samples. Overall, the available literature suggests that Tourette's disorder follows a remitting course in a sizeable number of individuals. Little has been published regarding predictors of remission or persistence. More work is needed using longitudinal prospective studies to better define the course and outcome of Tourette's disorder.

Note: Review Coffey BJ, McLean Hosp, Joint Program Pediat Psychopharmacol, Recreat Bldg, 115 Mill St, Belmont,MA 02478 USA


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