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August 2022

A prospective study of familial and social influences on girls' body image and dieting

Author(s): Archibald, A. B., Graber, L., BrooksGunn, J.

Journal/Book: Int J Eating Disorder. 2000; 28: 605 Third Ave, New York, NY 10158-0012, USA. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 155-164.

Abstract: Objective: This study examines the emergence of body image concerns and dieting behaviors in early adolescence as a function of girls' perceptions of family relationships, maternal modeling of dieting behaviors and body image concerns, and familial and peer pressures to diet. Method: Self-report measures were obtained from 77 White girls and their mothers in early adolescence (mean age = 12.3 years) and 1 year later. Results: Girls' perceptions of family relations and mothers' perceptions of daughters' weight at Time 1 significantly predicted girls' dieting behavior 1 year later over and above Time 1 dieting and body image. Only girls' previous body image and dieting behaviors significantly predicted more body dissatisfaction 1 year later. Girls' body image was found to mediate the relationship between family relations and dieting at Time 1 assessment, but not over time. Discussion: The importance of implementing early prevention and interventions programs is discussed.

Note: Article Archibald AB, Columbia Univ, Teachers Coll, Ctr Children & Families, Adolescent Study Program, 525 W 120th St, Box 39, New York,NY 10027 USA

Keyword(s): dieting; body image; early adolescence; girls; familial influences; ADOLESCENT GIRLS; EATING PROBLEMS; PERCEPTIONS; VALIDITY; BULIMIA; RISK

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