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September 2021

Self concept and object relations of patients with affective disorders - Idiographic research by means of the repertory-grid-technique

Author(s): Budischewski, K., Eppel, A., Hartling, F., Rinnert, J., vonSchmeling, C., Will, H., Northoff, G., Schoeneich, F.

Journal/Book: Psychother Psychosom Med Psyc. 2000; 50: Rudigerstr 14, D-70469 Stuttgart, Germany. Georg Thieme Verlag. 328-334.

Abstract: Significant dimensions of the self concept and the object relations of 127 depressive patients and 34 orthopaedic patients were investigated with the repertory-grid-technique. Self concept and object relations were compared by means of nomothethically used idiographic results after recovery from manifest depression. The object relations of the depressive sample were characterised by the dimension,,symbiotic near''; '' ambivalent'' and '' indifferent'' partnership relationships were found much more frequently in the controls. The idiographic results contribute to a differentiation of the spectrum of affective disorders. They underline the importance of the interpersonal dimension of depression and may be used as a basis of a therapeutic orientation.

Note: Article Boker H, Psychiat Univ Klin Zurich, Postfach 68, CH-8029 Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Keyword(s): affective disorders; self concept; object relations; idiographic methods; repertory-grid-technique

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