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June 2022

The meaning of hope in healthy, nonreligious Swedes

Author(s): Saveman, B. I., Norberg, A.

Journal/Book: Western J Nurs Res. 2000; 22: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA. Sage Publications Inc. 303-319.

Abstract: This study aims to illuminate the meaning of the lived experience of hope as narrated by healthy Swedish adults, who considered themselves as nonreligious. Twenty-four interviewees were asked to narrate their experience of hope. A phenomenological-hermeneutical analysis was performed and the meaning of the lived experience of hope was interpreted as an internal process (i.e., hope related to being), which is linked to the experience of meaning and the awareness of one's possibilities in life. This awareness releases energy and activates thoughts and feelings, enabling the person to make good and meaningful choices. The process generates a sense of independence,freedom, and inner peace. Hope related to being is a prerequisite for an external process(ie., setting goals). Setting goals comprises action and the expectation of a positive outcome. Hope related to doing nurtures hope related to being. The findings also revealed that hope related to doing is reconstructed throughout the life process.

Note: Article Benzein EG, Kalmar Univ, Kalmar, SWEDEN

Keyword(s): NURSES

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