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October 2021

''Clinical psychology'' versus ''clinical psychology and psychotherapy''?

Journal/Book: Z Psychol. 2000; 208: Im Weiher 10, D-69121 Heidelberg, Germany. Johann Ambrosius Barth Verlag. 207-225.

Abstract: The clinical psychology can look back on a history of 100 years. With this theoretical contribution the changes in the self-image of clinical psychology are presented. It shows, that nowadays various fields of clinical psychology developed their own identity (behavioral medicin, health psychology), therefore clinical psychology is no longer able to represent a unity. Also clinical-psychological intervention is no metatheory that could hold clinical psychology together. Clinical psychology that adjusts too much on psychotherapy, has only limited chances for the future, because of restricted financial ressources. ''Clinical psychology and psychotherapy'' can only represent a professional naming and no textual program. Development of new areas and reference to psychology are important elements for the future clinical psychology.

Note: Article Baumann U, Salzburg Univ, Inst Psychol, Hellbrunnerstr 34, A-5020 Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Keyword(s): clinical psychology; behavioral medicin; health psychology; psychotherapy

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