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September 2021

A sense of time - Temporality and historicity in sociological inquiry

Journal/Book: Time Soc. 2000; 9: 6 Bonhill Street, London EC2a 4Pu, England. Sage Publications Ltd. 187-204.

Abstract: The social constructionist perspective is focused on science's requisite of an 'altered mentality' that transcends that of everyday life. Thus, sociology must devise a sociological reconstruction of given social constructions of reality. Sociological study of 'the social' is still relatively ahistorical, and insensitive to how temporality is embedded in social life. In order to reduce the discipline's inclination toward historical myopia, two concerns are explored: (a) its tradition of using static conceptual dualisms; and (b) failure to pay due attention to the disparate analytic levels of 'the social' and 'the sociological'.

Note: Article Bash HH, Univ Missouri, Dept Sociol, 8001 Nat Bridge Rd, St Louis,MO 63121 USA

Keyword(s): binaries; historicity; levels; sociological; temporality

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