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November 2021

Sexual violence in three pornographic media: Toward a sociological explanation

Author(s): Kimmel, M.

Journal/Book: J Sex Res. 2000; 37: PO Box 208, MT Vernon, IA 52314, USA. Soc Scientific Study Sex Inc. 161-168.

Abstract: This study measures the sexually violent content in magazine, video, and Usenet (Internet newsgroup) pornography. Specifically the level of violence, the amount of consensual and nonconsensual violence, and the gender of both victim and victimizer are compared. A consistent increase in the amount of violence from one medium to the next is found, although the increase between magazines and videos is not statistically significant. Further; both magazines and videos portray the violence as consensual, while the Usenet portrays it as nonconsensual. Third, magazines portray women as the victimizers more often than men, while the Usenet differs sharply and portrays men as the victimizers far more often. A series of possible explanations for these findings are offered with the conclusion that the competition among men on the Usenet is an under-analyzed component of the differences among these media.

Note: Article Kimmel M, SUNY Stony Brook, Dept Sociol, Stony Brook,NY 11794 USA


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