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October 2021

Dysphoria: A key for 'understanding' delusion?

Author(s): Ballerini, A. C.

Journal/Book: Psychopathology. 2000; 33: Allschwilerstrasse 10, CH-4009 Basel, Switzerland. Karger. 215-219.

Abstract: The 'nonunderstandability' that traditional psychopathology attributes to 'true' delusion does not have a clear demarcation line, but, rather, it is a continuum of various delusional experiences. The attention paid to emotional situations and, specifically, to dysphoria, often contributes to making the delusional phenomenon, and, above all, its persistence, more understandable. A positive correlation between productive psychotic symptoms and the dysphoric mood often prevails in delusions with unfavorable prognoses.

Note: Article Ballerini A, Via Venezia 14, I-50121 Florence, ITALY

Keyword(s): delusion; delusion-like phenomena; dysphoria; prognosis; understanding psychopathology; PARANOID PSYCHOSES; SCHIZOPHRENIA; QUESTIONS; SYMPTOMS; MOOD

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