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November 2021

Suicide: What is to be done?

Journal/Book: Aust Psychol. 2000; 35: 1 Grattan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia. Australian Psychological Soc. 29-31.

Abstract: Recorded suicide overall has remained reasonably with changes occurring in its pattern of distribution constant throughout the twentieth century in Australia, amongst males. Increased frequency of suicide among young, rural, and Aboriginal males has led to speculation about the causes and calls for action from health care professionals. While the definition of suicide is still debated, suicide risk cannot be predicted accurately, and no useful clinical interventions exist to prevent it, this paper argues that psychologists should turn their attention to the social causes of known precursors. Given that we know suicide is more likely amongst people who feel hopeless, lonely, and alienated from their culture, suicide prevention at present might be best directed at reducing the number of people suffering these emotions.

Note: Article Allen F, Monash Univ, Dept Appl Psychol, POB 197, Caulfield E, Vic 3145, AUSTRALIA

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