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October 2021

Screening mit Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Abstract: Research of the last years has shown, that strain during sport influences the power of resistance of the organism. Moderate training, mainly aimed at endurance in the sense of fitness sports has a positive effect on the immunological system. Competitive sport and top competitive sport on the other hand can favor a weakening of all physiological and psychological defensive powder. The modulation of training-specific measures and the substitution of micro-nutrients can contribute to an immunological stabilization. An other possibility to work immunoprotectively, is the reduction of factors limiting strain, which often are present latently for the athlete. Often it is impossible for the attending physician, to detect the diagnostic and therapeutic relevance of these factors with the help of common clinical examination procedures. An increased susceptibility to injuries in the musculotendinous system, recurring vertebral column and pelvic complaints and variable physical powers can be an indication of subtoxic strain of the athlete. The testing with applied kinesiology has proven its worth as a screening method for diagnosis. It is an adjuvant examination method, to show heavy metal load, orthomolecular deficiencies, dental and orthodontic dysfunctions, and food intolerance and to initiate measures for performance stabilization.

Keyword(s): Applied Kinesiology

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