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December 2021

Efficacy of a potentized homeopathic drug (Arsenicum-Album-30) in reducing cytotoxic effects produced by arsenic trioxide in mice: IV. Pathological changes, protein profiles, and content of DNA an d RNA

Author(s): Mitra, K., Khuda, B. , AR

Abstract: Objective:To examine if the potentized homeopathic drug Arsenicum Album-30 can help restore the damage produced in protein profiles, DNA and RNA contents in liver and testis as a result of arsenic treatment in mice. Design: Sets of mice were injected with arsenic trioxide, one set was fed with Ars.Alb-30, another with Alcohol-30 and the final set was fed neither.The gel electrophoretic protein profiles and DNA and RNA contents in these three sets were studied. Methods: Protein profiles were studied by SDS-PAGE method; the DNA and RNA contents were assayed by the standard methods through diphenylamine and orcinol reactions respectively. Results: arsenic trioxide injection produced some pathological conditions, drastic changes (mainly reduction of protein bands) in protein sub-fractions, reduced DNA and RNA contents in both liver and testis;Ars.Alb-30-fed arsenic-intoxicated mice showed revival and restoration in both liver and testis as revealed by gel patterns and quantitative assay of DNA and RNA. Conclusion: Efficacy of the homeopathic drug Ars. Alb-30 in reducing arsenic-induced damage to protein and nucleic acids is substantiated and the mechanism of action of the homeopathic drug through expression of regulatory genes inferred.

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