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May 2022

Störung der biokybernetischen Regelkreise durch XenobiotikaDiagnose und Therapie umwelttoxischer Belastungen des Hormonsytems mit der Bicom-Resonanz-Therapie

Abstract: News about a reduced sperm count and an increased occurrence of testicular tumors as well as mammary tumors have hardened the suspicion, that chemicals also affect the hormonic system. This suspicion has been supported by the effects of the treatment of pregnant women with the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol in high doses, in order to prevent imminent abortions. In the sixties it turned out, that in the children of the pregnant women, treated in such a way, an increased occurrence of an unusual form of vaginal cancer, developmental disturbances, anomalies of the genitale, and prostatomegaly took place.Mechanism of action: The biological effect of the estrogens is mediated by the interaction with the respective receptors, which act as an "anchor" for the estrogens in the target cells, e.g. mammary gland and uterus. By the "docking" of the estrogen to the receptor, a cascade of events is triggered, which cause at last the numerous effects of the estrogen, the xenoestrogen or phytoestrogen, respectively.Liver, kidneys, suprarenal glands, central nervous system, immunologic system, cardiovascular system and bones are also the target tissue of the estrogens.Diagnosis and treatment with the BICOM therapy: By the cross-linked test technique using the usual procedure, a strain of the hormonic system with a xenobiotic can be diagnosed very well. Treatment and drainage of foreign substances are of central importance. Subsequent to a basic therapy, the xenobiotic, which was found, is drained, to relieve the hormonic system. Afterwards, the hormonic system is stabilized. It turned out very fast - in many cases after a therapeutic session - that by an elimination of the strain of the feedback mechanisms by the environmental noxae, the situation of the patient can be improved drastically. The improvement of the functional situation also extends to several organic systems.

Keyword(s): Biokybernetische Regelkreise

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